Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and Always full of spunk! A uniquely gentle fit that won't disappoint.

Trifold Insert

Trifold Insert

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***Use code DOUBLEUP for 15% off when ordering 2 or more inserts. Cannot be combined with other codes.***

Our Trifold inserts are designed to accomodate your baby's needs in cloth diapering. Fold them in thirds, fourths, in half. They can be used with multiple systems; you can even use them in our BeEflats to adjust for naps or a heavy wetter.

Trifolds are also an excellent option for diapering even the tiniest of newborns before they can fit into our squish size. And they can do so much more! What will you be able to do with your Trifold?


Trifolds can be made with either two layers of our tencel organic cotton stretch fleece OR two layers of our hemp organic cotton heavy french terry.

We have three sizes of trifolds available:

12x14" - Perfect for Squish and Babe sizes

12x16" - Perfect for Tot light to moderate wetters

16x16" - A wonderful heavywetter option for Tot sizes

Fiber Content: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton.