Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and Always full of spunk! A uniquely gentle fit that won't disappoint.

Holistic Sustainability

sPUNKy rumps is actively committed to holistic sustainability: community, self & family, and environment.


For the COMMUNITY: Our goal is to create a space for a community of social impacters that builds up and knits closer. Each quarter, sPUNKy rumps will have limited releases that support a different organization that inspires us, and 10% from the sale of each limited release print will be donated to support the mission of that organization.


For the SELF & FAMILY: Whether it be due to the cost savings of switching to cloth diapering or your anticipation for our themed releases, your happy makes us happy. sPUNKy rumps isn't just a company; it's an interactive "hive" where members come to ask, share, and celebrate!


For the ENVIRONMENT: We started with cloth diapers, but we want to do more. sPUNKy rumps actively works towards producing comfortable products from sustainable fabrics AND sustainable notions while also producing as little waste as possible. All material is thoughtfully resourced into creating fun and exciting sPUNKy products. This also means that your sPUNKy products will arrive in environmentally friendly packaging and shipping. Our mission is to be eco-conscious, eco-forward, and eco-friendly in a way that feels approachable for you.