Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and Always full of spunk! A uniquely gentle fit that won't disappoint.

About Us

I am a mother of two littles... for now. I have really enjoyed becoming a mother and watching my littles become bigger people.

I actually began the cloth journey with my second little one, primarily because I wanted to put the environment first. The amount of disposables we went through with our first!

Entering into the cloth journey wasn't an easy one and there was lots of learning along the way. But while sometimes we struggled with it, I found myself falling in LOVE with it. As our fourth trimester came to a close, I ventured into sewing our own cloth, not only as something to do but because my second seemed to have much more sensitive skin than my first, who was already sensitive. PUL and elastics weren't so friendly for him and I needed other options, so I began the process of discovering more forgiving diapers. And along the way, I became passionate about the making.

As I researched and started designing our own diapers, I was impassioned by the goal of being as sustainable as possible. There are so many choices out there in the world right now, that choosing the right one was important to me. At least the one that felt right to me.

At sPUNKy rumps, we really work towards bringing you only the best for your littles. We also strive to bring you joy! Thank you so much for being here with us.