Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and Always full of spunk! A uniquely gentle fit that won't disappoint.

Collection: Wool

Wool is absolutely amazing. Naturally antimicrobial, temperature regulating (even in warm to hot weather), all natural, and water-repellant when lanolized. There is absolutely nothing we don't like about wool.

We have chosen to highlight some amazing wool-maker WAHMs in our shop because we admire their work so much. We hope to bring you options that will work with you and your family as well as offer you choice in your diapering journey.

Currently we carry wool and wool care by Bumby & Rainbow Waters Wool. Both businesses run by strong, generous, and immensely kind women.

20 products
  • Bumby Bloomers
  • Bumby Abrazo Wool Covers
  • Bumby Diaper Briefs
  • Bumby Joggers
  • Rainbow Merino Wool Pants
  • Lanolin Blend - PRE-emulsified - Bumby
  • Emulsion Blocks - Bumby
  • Rainbow Waters Hand-cut Soap
  • Bumby Euro Sweatpants
  • Solid Lanolin - Bumby
  • Bumby Stain Removal Sticks
  • Bumby Lanolin Spray