Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and always spunky! ***Current Turnaround Time is 5 - 8 weeks***

Collection: The HEAVYwetters!

The WorkerBees of the sPUNKy collection, we offer two designs of for moderate - heavy wetters to hopefully help make your diapering journey a little easier. 

The Heavy Wetter BeEflat & The Heavy Wetter Pocket Contour.

*Most exciting, the HW Pocket Contour is available as just a shell as well. For our HW Contours a hemp organic cotton booster is sewn into the design so you are already receiving in essence a diaper ready to go.

***Please note that this is still just a shell and will need an insert, half flat, flat, or other cloth to be truly at its best absorbency. 

We highly suggest getting the Complete Set at least once before trying just the shell to be able to experience the full suggested outcome.


*Output is subjective and changes for each child. Some may not require this diaper and others may need additional boosting aside from what we offer.

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  • The Heavy Wetter BeEflat
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  • Heavy Wetter Pocket Contour
  • Heavy Wetter Conversion KIT