Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and always spunky! ***Current Turnaround Time is 5 - 8 weeks***

Collection: Heavy Wetters

Our Heavy Wetter collection was designed to, hopefully, give you working options for your moderate-heavywetter needs. Whether it's in the hopes of answering to a flooder, supersoaker, or simply to find a solution to your overnight diapering needs, we're hoping our two HW members of the sPUNKy offerings will provide you with solutions.

For the frontwetter, tummy sleeper, we suggest trying the HW BeEflat. An all in one system made of 2 layers of tencel organic cotton stretch fleece and boasting a hidden hemp tail, this beast also features our signature sPUNKy pocket to add more absorbency if needed.

For the all around wetter, our newest member of the HW crew might be best: the HW Pocket Contour. Made of 3 layers of tencel organic cotton fleece and a sewn in hemp organic cotton booster, it will offer you options as a whole set or just as a shell.

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  • The Heavy Wetter BeEflat
  • End of Year ClearOut Diapers
  • Heavy Wetter Pocket Contour
  • Heavy Wetter Conversion KIT