Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and always spunky! ***Current Turnaround Time is 5 - 8 weeks***

Collection: Grow With Me Clothing

At sPUNKy, we are highly motivated towards creating pieces that keep in mind the values of slow movement clothing which values sustainability and longevity. All our children's pieces are Grow-with-Me.

Grow with Me clothing lasts much longer than the average fast fashion piece. Our clothes will last months, even years! During those early years when children grow so fast, almost too fast to keep up, these pieces will allow you more time and more wear.

Our current sizes are: 3m-12m, 12m-3T, & 3T-6T.

Our core collection shirts are made with our tencel organic cotton stretch blend. This blend makes amazing clothes as it proves amazing breathability, is less susceptible to bacteria, and provides so much comfort. Even better yet, tencel is sustainably produced!

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