Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and always spunky! ***Current Turnaround Time is 5 - 8 weeks***

Wrapping It Up

Since the beginning, one of the values we wanted to focus on as a brand was sustainability. Holistic sustainability... on all levels. We wanted to make sure that our product, while offering you sustainable choices, was also focused on being, if not 100% sustainable, as close to it and constantly learning/improving... on all levels.
Packaging, though maybe not directly sPUNKy, was a big deal for us.
☀️ Here's a little walk through of our current choices:
For our liquids and soaps, you'll often find your items wrapped in:
1) A recyclable, compostable Lunchskin
2) Protective paper cushioning
3) A 100% compostable zip top bag
All our sPUNKy made items are wrapped in:
4) and labeled with EcoEnclose 100% recyclable shipping labels. (We use these for pretty much everything - shipping, packaging lists, and yes, our fiber content labels. We print fiber content and cut them out to close up our seed paper wraps 👇)
5) ***SEED paper! 🌼 🌸 🏵 *** Don't toss our label wraps, plant them. 🥰 You'll find planting instruction on the back or email us for directions if you don't find them.
🍃 We recently changed our system to only include one Tencel branded tag in each package...
***We were given these labels because our fabric has been approved and checked to be branded Tencel Lyocell.***
- We tuck this label into our seed wrap rather than tag it on. We used to tag on with cotton thread but wanted to produce as little waste as possible and definitely didn't want a plastic tag.
Bow & Headwrap Packaging:
7) A recyclable cardboard bow/headtwist holder.
Final packaging!:
* We will often use USPS provided boxes for larger Priority packages.
* Or reused larger boxes
& 6) We made the choice to stick with NoIssue Compostable mailers because of they were compostabe but because they were also the thickest/strongest we've found so far.
ALSO! They're reusable! Keep them to send something yourself. They have a second adhesive tag. 🥰
***These are our choices so far, but we aim to continue learning and adapting and finding better solutions.
Ie. Tape! We need to get some more of our fun branded paper adhesive tape. And for closing of liquids? 🤔