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sPUNKy Diaper Options - by Tanisha Mahar

Hey everyone! My name is Tanisha and my son Noah is 11 months. We have been cloth diapering for 9 months now and we were lucky enough to come across sPUNKy rumps on our journey and it quickly became a favorite! My son has very sensitive skin so we switched to snapless and elastic free diapers early on. We have tried each of the diaper styles sPUNKy rumps currently offers and I’d like to share with you our experience with them. Hopefully it can help if you are trying to decide which option may best suit your diapering needs. All are fantastic and we use them all for different reasons.

First up, the pocket fitted. This fitted works great even for sensitive skin. As I mentioned, we don’t normally use anything with elastics but the cotton elastics along the legs and waist paired with the tencel are gentle and don’t cause my son any irritation or rashes like others we’ve tried. It is the most user friendly out of all the designs as you’re sure to get that nice snug leg seal every time. It’s great for day time use and for those quick diaper changes when you’re out and about or your baby is a wiggly little worm and won’t sit still long enough to deal with fit. It’s always a solid choice and I’ll admit, dad and grandma reach for these whenever they handle diaper changes. It can carry over to nighttime use with an added cotton insert for us and that’s one of the great things about the pocket feature! You can stuff it with whatever works best for you!


Next, the pocket contour. This is my personal favorite! It’s a super trim option but with plenty of absorbency with the added trifold insert that goes right into the pocket design. Great for day time use and it can take a little practice on getting a good leg seal but once you get the hang of it, it is a wonderful option! The design and cut offers an almost effortless fit but if you are new to the world of contours it may take a few tries before you get it down. It’s very plushy and again very customizable with the added pocket design. It wears great under clothing since it is so trim and offers very easy clean up when there are messes!


The next option would be the BeEflat! It’s sPUNKy’s take on a traditional preflat but with even more customization with the wings and tail. You can fold it whatever way works best but we typically fold the tail up, wings in half and then over to the center. You can fold it whichever way works best and wherever you need the absorbency most.

I have a boy so I need the bulk of mine in the front/middle. This is a fun one to play with to figure out how it can best suit the needs of your babe. It still offers a nice trim fit and is great for day time use or again with an added hemp insert can work for overnights too! It offers tons of absorbency with all the different layers so we use these a lot for nap time and it’s worked out beautifully! It also is an all in one, easy to wash option. There are no additional boosters or trifolds to worry about, all of your absorbency is right where you need it every time!


Lastly, the newest addition to the sPUNKy lineup, the heavy wetter BeEflat!

It has all of the awesome features of the regular BeEflat but with additional layers of tencel and hemp built right in! This is is solid overnight option and has been the perfect addition to our sPUNKy collection! Even with all of the addition layers it’s still trim and has held up 8-10 hours for my little man with zero leaks! It has 2 layers of tencel fleece and added hemp tail but also has the pocket feature to add additional absorbency if needed but we personally have not.


To summarize, all are wonderful options and I truly believe there is something here for everyone. I hope you find this helpful while you are shopping the website. We have a special place in our day to day for each design and get a lot of use out of them all. The tencel truly sets these diapers apart but the designs and attention to detail is so unique and innovative that you can’t go wrong with whichever style you decide to try! I hope you love whatever you choose and that it makes your diapering journey just a little bit easier, it certainly has for us!

Written - November 2021 by sPUNKy hive member, Tanisha Mahar

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***Edited to add by Christina Kim-Dill (owner/maker behind sPUNKy)

Recently, we have added an new member to our lineup at sPUNKy rumps. An additional heavy wetter, the HW Pocket Contour. With three layers of tencel organic fleece rather than the french terry and an addtional hemp organic cotton booster sewn into the shell, the heavywetter pocket contour, hopefully will give you another option for your moderate to heavywetter. 

Where the BeEflat is designed for tummy sleepers and front wetters in mind, the contour is designed for all around wetters. Choose either just the shell or the whole set and we're hoping either option will give you an added boost to your stash for those flooders or sleeptime diapering needs.