Snapless, stretchy, oh so soft, and Always full of spunk! A uniquely gentle fit that won't disappoint.

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The Slow Clothing Movement

What is it?

Slow Clothing is an answer to "Fast Fashion," where pieces are quickly made (often cheaply), worn a few times and, at best, donated. In opposition, slow clothing is meant to be intentional and holistic: made one piece at a time from quality material with care and attention.

At sPUNKy rumps, all sPUNKy specific items (save for double flats and limited themes) are Made to Order (MTO) so that we are intentional in our production of diapers & clothing. And in effort of creating pieces that have longevity, our children's clothes are specifically Grow With Me.

*Partners we choose to highlight in the sPUNKy shop also share the sentiment of Slow Clothing: items that are made with intention and purpose. For this reason, we are proud to carry Bumby and Rainbow Waters Wool.

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